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About Us

Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. ​Our goal is to make sure that we leave your home with sparkling kitchen, bathrooms, and floors, organized and tidy living spaces, and refreshing aromas of cleanliness.  All services are in writing that way you can be guaranteed what will be done and never have to worry.

Our Story

If you asked me if I would ever own a cleaning company I would have told you “no”. In 2005, I was separated and had four boys at home 12 years to 2 years old. I was working, a single mom, stressed, and did I mentioned stressed? There were not enough hours in the day and to get everyone where they needed to be – I was doing it all on my own and I had no living family or support, I thought. One day we came home, and I remember walking in the door and it was perfect inside. The house smelled great, everything was cleaned up, even the windows were cleaned of little finger prints and we just all looked at each other dumbfounded. I had no idea who would ever take so much stress off of me. There was dinner made in the fridge and dessert on my counter and on the dining room table was an anonymous note that said “Now you have one less thing to do.”

That night I let the paperwork sit, we got out games, put dinner in the oven and did nothing and it was perfect. It reminded me of why I go to work, what I was trying to do, and how precious life was. So the next day I went to my boss and said I wanted to make our own crew for cleaning up remodeling projects – it would be mine. No more stress every time we had a project finish and the best part was the boys and I paid the kindness forward. Someone bought a house in the neighborhood, had a baby, a death, we would find a way in without the people knowing I would clean it up and leave brownies on a plate that the boys made. One of my sons would draw a card and the other would leave a riddle. It was a blast and brought us together after a really hard time. Six months later we had a meeting at the school and when I arrived I got a pretty big surprise – I ended up with 30 customers. By 2008, as a full time mom, I became the owner of a company, which allowed me be there for my kids, meet with their teachers, and I didn’t have to sacrifice being in single parent household.

Moving to North Carolina, the company was under a different name. We tried Cooper’s Cleaners for a while down here, but that didn’t stick really well. I always call everyone “Sunshine” and my youngest thought it was the best way to represent me – “Mom, you are sunshine”.  We have Centro Inc. in Claremont for the largest commercial account that I won the bid on my birthday in 2017. I am currently building teams in the Lake Norman and Matthews areas. I am still on site, do training, and work closely with all of my staff. I offer benefits, a Simple IRA, bonuses, and commissions. We collect household items for women coming out of shelters and I wrap them up with a book of quick recipes, and when we are permitted, clean up the apartment before they move in. I do cleaning for cancer patients and work with people who have disabilities to assist them to become more independent with learning how to clean. We sponsor kids for sports, AP/Honor Classes who need supplies and equipment, and support local law enforcement, medical staff, and teachers any way we can. I am building something that will last for my children and two are still part of the business today. They are my Sunshine.


~Nicole Fusco, Founder and Owner

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